Foil printed in Nerang
Your wedding is going to be a big event in your life and you want it to reflect exactly who you are, what you believe in and most of all to be personal to you. Choosing your wedding venue, menu, favours and outfits are, to a certain extent, from a pre-existing selection.  But where you can be 100% certain that your wedding is all about you is in the design and printing of your invitations.
At EcoExpress Print we have been working with brides and grooms for many years, ensuring that they get exactly what they want by way of their wedding invitations. This includes advice on design, materials and special finishes.
As an eco friendly printer we are most often asked for invitations that reflect the current organic and retro style of ‘natural’ design and printing, and more frequently this includes the use of 100% recycled eco kraft board.
Textured recycled board is a superb material for wedding and event invitations; this material has a very tactile finish and due to the colour of the board works particularly well with simple black or two colour designs – which lends itself perfectly to a ‘handmade’ design collaboration from the bride and groom.
Cotton card prints
We are often asked about various elements of wedding invitation design and many of our customers are initially worried about getting it wrong or supplying their artwork incorrectly. But help is at hand! At EcoExpress Print & Web we have a very friendly customer service team ready and willing to help with your queries, and if they don’t have the answer one of our on-site designers will be sure to. At the end of the day there is very little in the way of supplied artwork that we can’t get in to a print ready format – and we would much rather have a simple piece of artwork that is all about YOU.
Our eco friendly printing service does not end with the printing of the invitations. We are also happy to adapt your artwork for table plans, order of service and thank-you cards so you have an entire suite of matching stationery for your Big Day.
Contact Us for more information on your wedding invitation printing and we will be happy to prepare a quote for you.